About us

France Bénévolat is a national network dedicated to the volunteers’ reception and guidance, which was founded in 2003 and was recognized as being of public usefulness in 2010.


Our goal

To promote engagement so to improve active citizenship.

Indeed, volunteering is essential to build and develop a cohesive and inclusive society based on solidarity and active citizenship, against all forms of exclusion.

Our three main missions

  • To promote volunteering in non-profit organisations.
  • To help volunteer candidates to connect with non-profit organisations, enabling them to find the appropriate missions (based on their interests, skills, location and availability). France Bénévolat acts as an intermediary between people looking for a commitment and organisations in search of skills provided on a voluntary basis.
  • To train members and other stakeholders on volunteering related issues, especially on volunteer recruitment, integration and support. To ensure recognition to volunteers as an opportunity to reveal and/or develop skills in voluntary activities thanks to France Bénévolat’s Passeport Bénévole ® (our Volunteer Passport).


Significant figures:

  • 75 major non-profit national associations members and 6 000 local member associations of France Bénévolat (representing at least 1 000 000 volunteers).
  • 200 meeting points throughout France (90 departmental centers, outreach centers or local partners).
  • 700 volunteers within the network of France Bénévolat (including in-house approved trainers).
  • Individual advice / in-depth orientation of more than 20 000 people each year.
  • Information provided to an average of 30 000 / 40 000 people each year.
  • 12 000 missions available on our website (http://www.francebenevolat.org).
  • 36 local websites.

France Bénévolat was accredited in 2010 by the Department of Education as a “complementary organisation of public education”, thus in the tradition of Popular Education.


If you need more information, please contact Michel Lefranc, in charge of the international relations of France Bénévolat (micky.lefranc49@gmail.com).


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